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AX68u vs AX82u for wireguard client vpn

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From my understanding AX68 have a weaker CPU (2 cores), but optimized for crypto, and AX82 have best CPU (3 cores), but is not optimized for crypto.
So my question is simple, which will achieve faster wireguard client speed ?

Also have an option for ROG Rapture GT-AC2900, but don't know much about it, where does it stand ?




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Don't count the cores. RT-AX68U has faster 1.8GHz ARMv8 cores than RT-AX82U 1.5GHz ARMv7 cores. WireGuard does not use AES, but will run faster on higher clock speed ARMv8 CPU. GT-AC2900 has the same CPU as RT-AX68U. I wouldn't recommend any of the above routers though.

RT-AX68U - the only Asus router using BCM6710 for 5GHz radio, history of connectivity issues, not popular, perhaps discontinued
RT-AX82U - the Gaming version of entry-level RT-AX58U hardware with alien looks, RGB lights and some unlocked SoC features
GT-AC2900 - old model, the Gaming version of RT-AC86U with RGB lights and unlocked 160MHz radio, some extra firmware features*

- Asus AC-Class routers won't get 388 base firmware with WireGuard support in GUI. Limited support on 386 firmware only.

Look for RT-AX86S or RT-AX86U instead. If the budget allows - GT-AX6000 is a popular model with best you can get currently CPU.

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