AX82U, AIMesh mixed nodes, CT8 woes

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New Around Here
Hi everyone.

I currently have 2 CT8 units in the house which have been up and running for a while. I have had quite a few issues with them to be fair, with the node unit often disconnecting and generally being unstable, so I began to look around at options. Since I have, they have been pretty stable, so perhaps things have settled down now but anyway, I still want to make sure its sorted once and for all even if that means a change.

My house shape is unusual and the phone line about 25% of the way into the property so not in the middle. Its quite hard to get good signal all around the property, plus there is no ethernet run through the house so wired nodes arent on the table right now.

Spur of the moment I picked up an AX82U as there was a great deal on it - its still awaiting being shipped hence the question. I thought about using this as follows:

Using the AX82U standalone (also would it have better/worse/same signal strength as the CT8s?)
Using the AX82U and having the CT8s as AIMesh nodes (from reading up mixing AC and AX not recommended though)

Does anyone have any advice on this front please?

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