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recently I noticed that when I connected to AX86U by wireless, the latency is unstable and higher than expected.
So I did some test last night, and found out:
1. when connected to 2.4G or 5G wifi, using either wifi5 or wifi6 cellphones; rtt to default gateway(Ax86u) is mostly at 15ms, sometimes at 3ms.
2. using nmap tcp to gateway 80 port, same rtt (mostly ~15ms)
3. icmp to external website, such as, also increased by 10ms +
4. if I connect to aimesh node AC68u by wireless (2.4g or 5G), the latency is also at 15ms
5. if I use wired connection from PC, rtt to gateway is < 1ms and stable

the current firmware is 386.3.2, I don't know if the issue existed before this firmware.

I tried to fix the issue, but all methods failed:
1. turn off aimesh node ac68u
2. turn off AX86u, cool down, turn on ( cpu at 75 celsius)
3. change SSID from 2.4G to 2.4G1, 5G to 5G1, so that only one device is connected to ax86u
4. tried to turn off various settings in ax86u wireless settings

ps: previously using ac86u only, the wiressless connection latency is stable and low at 1ms.

any other suggestions before I reset to factory default or downgrade firmware


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Today, I figured out the cause behind the scene. It's not the fault of Ax86u.
It's caused by Android. When I did tests last time, I used android phones. It has a feature that will align wireless transmission time when network is mostly idle. So it will increase delay when I only ping gateway; the delay will reduce to normal (below 5ms) If there are other backgound network acitivity, such as streaming music/video.


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It's good to know you quickly found the real source of the latency. Despite forum contributors telling them to check the rest of their equipment (wireless clients, Ethernet cabling, etc..) you don't know how many Asus router users post these exact kinds of performance problems in this forum but for whatever reason they keep insisting it's the wireless router causing the problems. After days, weeks or months insisting it's the router (exchanging for another one, swapping with other routers, etc..) eventually they either figure out the problem wasn't their new Asus router after all or sometimes they just quit posting about the problem as if the issue magically disappeared.

Enjoy your AX86U. It's an incredible wireless router! :)
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