AX86U aggregation

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does the AX86U allow lan aggregation including the 2.5GbE port ?
logic: 2.5GbE + 1GbE = more throughput.

i have an unmanaged switch with 2.5 ports. initially planning to connect the switch to the 2.5 port on an AX86U to allow for more throughput to devices connected to the switch.

my nas has a 1GbE port so I could benefit from this as opposed to using a 1GbE switch.

being able to aggregate with the 2.5 connection could give even more bandwidth for the devices connected to the switch.


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in that case, i would opt to use just the 2.5GbE port to connect to the switch.

given the faster connection between switch and router that should in theory allow more throughput between the router and my devices connected to the switch … up to the link limit of each device, correct ? or do I have that wrong …

i understand that my 1GbE devices will cap at that speed.

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