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AX86u and AX6600 mesh problem

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Using the Asus AX86U as the main router and the Asus AX6600 as a mesh node, with a distance of 5 meters between the two devices and using wireless backhaul.Through the admin page, I can see the mesh was between ax86u and the 5g-2 band of the ax6600, at a speed of 3800Mbps.
Why does the actual ping to the main router have a delay of up to 200ms and a packet loss rate of 15%?

BTW: I use Ax86u and AC86u mesh before. And the average ping time is only 5ms.

What is the problem?
The latest Asus firmware for the AX86U seems to have fixed AiMesh issues for most users reporting. Look for version
Why would you use the AX86U as the main router when the AX6600 is the newer and better router?

AX6600 in question is Asus ZenWiFi AX also called XT8.

Come on... not everyone wants a face hugger. Some prefer garbage cans.

This is a picture of disassembled white XT8:


Note the ROG branded bag on the left side.

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