AX86U-Any One having problems with guest network slot 1?


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Funny event. I set up a guest login on slot 1-2.4GHz, even though the guest is showing as connected with strong signal, on the phone it is either appearing as being connected to another network on the router or not showing at all. I removed the entry and put exactly the same thing in slot 2, it immediately connected and worked.


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This is a well-known 'feature'. Please use 'Better Search' at the top of every page.


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You deserve an answer. The first guest networks assign a different subnet. This was done on the 386 code base to enable syncing the guest wifi across AiMesh nodes and provide isolation from the router LAN. The 2.4 GHZ gets and 5 GHZ gets This actually works very well in spite of what some others say...

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