AX86U crash? Router and modem was inaccessible

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Salty Wagyu

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The internet was inaccessible between 7.10 and 7.43pm (the point I switched router off then on). During the downtime I was unable to connect to the router's web interface nor the modem's web interface. Android phone saw my active 2.4 & 5GHz networks but refused to connect to them (normally it would connect to a wi-fi network even if no internet access was available).

Connman (merlinwrt addon) showed no pings between those times, same for an external ping service I have running on my public IP to check quality (in screenshot)

My Vigor 130 modem doesn't show dsl sync uptime but I've checked my ISP account online and my line data shows there was no sync drop today.

I've skimmed over the logs and can't find anything obvious, I've attached it here with all the public, and private LAN IPs stripped out and replaced with "removed", if anyone else wants to have a look Edit: I'm not able to attach my txt file despite txt being an allowed extension?


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