ax86u Full down/up speed in router speed test, slow upload on PC wired AND wireless

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Im running Merlin Beta 3 on ax86u!

Its running great, I did a full factory reset after updating firmware. Then a full reset.

When I go in the router menu, on QoS menu and run speedtest I get 120/30. Max speed for my connection.

When I run, google speed test, from multiple computers, wired and wireless its 120/6.

I seen a lot of post and ppl are making them change wifi channels, ai protection etc. BUT
Its also slow on wired. So wifi settings are NOT the problem.

There is a bunch of post about this, but none with an answer that I found!



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RMerlin 386.1 Beta 5 (or later) is highly suggested today. :)

No sense fixing it on an abandoned build if it's been fixed already.


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I didn't notice anyone's shirt being broken by Beta 4, but where are you waiting for 'reviews'? You are following the thread that shows how many, including myself, are using it for a couple of days now with no issues.


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that was meant to be "sh*t' ;) slow wifi issues on beta 4 were everywhere on this forum! glad beta 5 is going well.


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So under official 1.0 version, now instead of doing 120/6 vs the line at 120/30 (router speedtest agrees) I am doing 35/6.


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that was beta 5 numbers.

in release 1.0
Im doing 120/6 again. But the router detects 120/30 which is my line speed.

I tried with QoS, without. With ai protect, without. With a different port, with the 2.5 port.

(On a side note, are the 4 1gbps on same circuit like a hub, and 2.5gpbs on another? meaning, if my Server and my client are connected both on 1gbps, is it gonna be more stable than 1gbps/2.5gbps lan)

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