AX86U internet issues


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I noticed the following will happen every with my AX86u - maybe every couple of weeks
The WAN LED (Globe icon) will turn RED. At this point some but not all devices will lose internet connectivity. The problem is resolved by pulling out and plugin in the WAN cable.
Any ideas why this happens or there is a way to prevent this?


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WAN cable defective? Router defective?


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Any ideas why this happens or there is a way to prevent this?

You have to look in router's logs to see what exactly happens. Look around WAN disconnected/restored log messages.


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I've seen a similar program when the ISP's cable internet connection fails from time to time or becomes unreliable. Similar to what you are saying some devices lose connectivity and some others like VOIP don't. In the past the ISP tech support had to come out and install an amplifier on the cable splitter box to fix the problem. As a matter of fact after a long time of working reliable recently my main cable ISP has been having intermittent connectivity problems for the past few months and I need to have them look at it again. However that problem of WAN dropping can also happen if your dynamic IP address changes and the router doesn't pick up the new public IP from the ISP modem.

You can start by calling your ISP tech support and see if they can tell you if the internet signal to the modem has been dropping or how often that public IP WAN address is changing. As mentioned in another post check your router logs for more specifics. If your problem is related to the ISP dynamic IP address changing you can try adjusting your DHCP query frequency in your Asus router settings to see if that helps. Power cycling the router or removing and reconnecting the WAN cable might temporarily solve your problem because that forces the router to query for a new public IP WAN address from the modem.

Note: Unless this is a firmware issue this thread would be more appropriate under the Asus AX router section instead of AsusWRT firmware.
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