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AX86U Pro - Testing with 2.5Gb WAN

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Just testing my new AX86u Pro connected to ISP (Rogers) cable modem using the 2.5 Gb WAN port with a CAT6a cable. I get about 1800 Mb/s on the router's speed test (firmware 388.24199). From my desktop on the 1 Gb wired connection I get about 850-890 Gb/s using SpeedTest app.

In this configuration, I was curious if the regular 1 Gb WAN port could be used as a LAN port - sure enough it works. So with WAN connected via 2.5 Gb port, you have 5 1 Gb LAN ports.
Correct. If you use the RT-AX86U Pro's 2.5GB port as the WAN port, then the 1GB WAN port can be used as a 5th LAN port (5 x 1GB LAN ports). Conversely if you use the 1GB WAN port for WAN, then the 2.5GB port can be used as a LAN port, making 4 x 1GB and 1 x 2.5GB LAN ports.

PS: Examples from a RT-AX86U Pro running Asus-Merlin 3004.388.6_2. WAN set to 1GB:

WAN set to 2.5GB:
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