AX86U slow wifi after changing to Merlin

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I recently bought an AX86U and everything was running fine pretty much out of the box, but I still wanted to try Merlin and perhaps pfsense as well a bit later.

I just flashed it with Merlin and my wifi network speed has tanked from reporting 877mbps to 108 mbps.

Are there any settings the Merlin firmware changes in the radio settings? It's a pretty massive drop.

EDIT: So far it looks like the solution was to turn the wifi in my device(a tablet and a phone) off and on... it's back to 877 mbps. I'll make another post here if that changes.
... serves me right for looking through the new firmware instead of trying advice #1.. "Have you tried turning it on and off?"
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WiFi speed also depends on the channel the router chose if set to automatic. My experience is that 5GHz channels around my neighborhood work best if I set it manually to 36 or 44.


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I've set my 5Ghz to 108 so I can both use 160Mhz and be rid of the standard channels used by everyone else. We don't have any interference on 116 and up from services like weather here.

It's too early to say if I'll get fluctuations(got it 3 days ago), but looking at Wifi Analyzer no-one else is in on the same channel as me.

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