AX88U 384.19 wifi problem with 2,4Ghz

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I use to have 384.17 and my 2,4Ghz band kind of worked.. but poorly and keep cutting the network constantly... so, i went back to default asus firmware and send the box back and got a bran new as a warranty. Okey, the new one arrives and i dl 384.19 hoping the issues are solved... After installing all the "necessary" scripts with putty... I noticed there is no more 2,4Ghz wifi band at all..?? Tryed to change some of the bits in vain :( Just had to bring my shirtty Zyxel back to make things to workout.. Need some adwise, how to pin my 2,4 wifi bits in settings to get this working?? Any help, guys... ? Or is this a common bug with this latest firm wares 384.17 -.19 ??


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You first must tell us what you do exactly to set up your router, exactly, if you expect help. Secondly, you need to stop installing 'necessary' scripts willy-nilly and do it in an orderly fashion to see where the issues begin.

This is not a common bug in RMerlin firmware, latest firmware, or otherwise (i.e. the latest Alpha 4).

I would start off with the following link, complete the M&M Config suggested defaults, and then proceed slowly from there, testing as you go. I would also not 'blindly' be putting in customizations that worked 'once upon a time' either. Research each script you're using and why, things may have changed, been improved, or have been depreciated since the last time your settings made sense on an Asus router.

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hmm.. funny i got 3 messages, 384.19 dosent support dual wan... and with that firmware the router works only with 5Ghz band...?!? Those guys just scamming me..? Ok, but i am done and find the 2,4 Ghz, band...
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