AX88U + Adguard = WLAN problem


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Hello, everyone,

I have an AX88U and have now installed the router as a test with the Merlin version 386.8 with a fresh installation.

After everything was set, I went through ssh and amtm and first formatted the new Sandisk 32gb 3.1 usb. (also tested a no name)

I did the following steps:

amtm started
format disc
swapfile 2gb
After that I installed Entware and then Adguard and set it to my liking.

After a few interim restarts as desired, everything and Adguard starts its service and blocks.

Router restarts now take a little longer. For whatever reason.

Last night after running for over a week (router restarts automatically every day is set to do so)
errors now occur which are expressed as follows:

WLAN is displayed on the mobile phone or PC but does not connect or does not connect to the Internet with either frequency 2,4 or 5.
A restart brings only temporary improvement. about 2-3 mins.

If I take the USB stick out again, everything is ok again, just no more swap files and no more Adguard and the router starts much faster.

Does anyone have an idea what that could be?

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