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AX88U and ZenWiFiAX nodes in AiMesh poor performance

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The Lorax

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Primary router is AX88U backhauled to one ZenWiFiAX ethernet and 5G backhaul to second ZenWiFIAX and wireless bridged to 1800S (remote). WiFi has been dropping once a week requiring reboot on main. The Zen backhauled on ethernet no longer connects to port and defaults to 5G wiFi backhaul. The second Zen happily connects to main over 5G. The 1800S connected via wireless bridge shows disconnected to main but still communicates. All ethernet plugs are firmly seated. Is this an issue with the AX88U? Or is this a problem with multiple Zens? All routers are current firmware as updated frequently. (Issue started three firmwares ago and have not resolved by upgrades. Does anyone experience similar problems on their systems? Should I be looking to replace the 88U?

SPecs: Broadband (Spectrum MoCa), Spectrum's modem DocSys 3.1, Cat 6 all ethernet runs, 500 Mbps down 25 Mbps up, coverage 3 floors ~7300 sq ft, remote building 300 meters distance, approx 70 IoT devices.

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