AX88U - best way to extend WiFi?


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I have an Asus AX88U (+Merlin). I use it in a dual Wan mode, which is working well for me with a DSL and 4G connections (when using rules to force devices on to each Wan). It’s in my attic and cover most of my house, but a few devices on the edge of the network do occasionally drop off.

I want to add a node/AP, and I want WiFi 6. However I have Ethernet running around my house which I installed when I built it, so I don’t think I need a triband setup, as the back haul will be wired.

What do people recommend?

Should I stick with ASUS, or something else?

I have seen the Asus xd4 mesh system, would a single node from that be a good option?



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Stick with an RMerlin supported router for the most trouble free network.

The RT-AX58U may be all you need.


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Best practices are to have the same GPL version on both the main and nodes. Staying with one or the other ensures this (more).


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I've no clue what an X4D is, but I'm fairly certain that it can't run RMerlin firmware. To me, that makes it easy to disregard.

Function over form. Always. :)

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