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AX88U DHCP leases issue??

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Hey guys - I keep getting a reoccurring message in the logs on my new AX88U running Merlin 384.9. I've got 6 wired clients in TV's, nvidia shield, blue ray player, sound bar - and several wireless phones, ipcams, tablets, laptops, etc - most on 5G, couple on 2G.

It seems to switch around between random devices - but nothing appears to be dropping connection as far as I can tell. Any idea what may be causing this strange DHCP event?

Thanks for any advice!

Mar 6 17:32:33 dnsmasq-dhcp[1215]: DHCPREQUEST(br0) 30:24:32:c2:67:a3
Mar 6 17:32:33 dnsmasq-dhcp[1215]: DHCPACK(br0) 30:24:32:c2:67:a3 DESKTOP-8ELP7MU
Mar 6 17:32:37 dnsmasq-dhcp[1215]: DHCPREQUEST(br0) 5c:51:4f:69:34:9e
Mar 6 17:32:37 dnsmasq-dhcp[1215]: DHCPACK(br0) 5c:51:4f:69:34:9e Ultrabook
Mar 6 17:35:07 dnsmasq-dhcp[1215]: DHCPREQUEST(br0) 40:9c:28:5e:6a:80
Mar 6 17:35:07 dnsmasq-dhcp[1215]: DHCPACK(br0) 40:9c:28:5e:6a:80 iPhone
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They are normal messages. Why do you think they are strange?
Oh well, glad to hear! I had 2x 86u's in aimesh before this router and never saw these dhcp messages in the logs. Of course I wasn't running Merlin either, due to aimesh. I wasn't sure if it was problematic or not. Doesn't sound like it is, and thanks for responding!
Unless you're getting them continuously it isn't a problem. Usually you'll get those messages for each device approximately every 12 hours.

Some people don't like seeing them, especially if they've got a lot of devices. In which case I believe there's an option in the GUI to suppress them.
Gotcha - I am definitely getting them frequently. Sometimes 10 consecutive times for the same device. Logs are flooded with these messages.
Gotcha - I am definitely getting them frequently. Sometimes 10 consecutive times for the same device. Logs are flooded with these messages.
I get that occasionally, but it's normally just one device that starts acting up for a day and then returns to normal for weeks on end. Go figure.

Is it only wireless devices that are doing it? When you got your new router did you reuse the same SSID's from your old one? If so you need to "forget" the network connection on each mobile device and recreate it.

Failing that, try completely shutting down (not standby) and powering off the troublesome clients and then powering them back on. That often fixes it.
Thanks again Colin! I uave the same SSID's as before, and I did not release and forget the networks on my clients. I'll do that now!! Great idea!
Suppress the messages under LAN > DHCP Server > Basic Config > Hide DHCP/RA queries (Yes):


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