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AX88U half of ISP speed over lan

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Hello, I seen couple of posts about this issue, but seems like never was sorted or people didn't put how their story ended up
I have Aimesh system with main router is ISP one in modem mode, connected to main Aimesh via wan ===> AX88U ===> connected wia lan to node AX82U ====> AX82U connected to via wifi to ZenWiFi AC
My problem is that AX88U giving to my lan devices only half of speed
I tried to replace cable between ISP and AX82U, no luck
I turned off QOS, nothing changed in speed
Speedtest in router showing good speed as it should get from ISP, but not distributing to lan devices properly :(
I am using Asus Merlin 388.1
Hi you haven't stated what your ISP rate is, or what kind of rates you are getting at various places on the network.

A couple of things to check, wire your laptop to a lan port on the 88 and speedcheck. This can be no greater than the top speed for a 1g port, or about 940mb. This tells what speed the router is getting and passing.

Then you could connect to the 5g band on the 88 and speedcheck, if your close to the router with an AX conn. you should see aprox. 800mb or better with a 1G ISP.

As for the other nodes 1st you need to check what band the backhaul is on, 5G, of course.

The speed is only as good as your backhaul speed, I believe the router GUI will tell you this. Make sure it's as fast as possible.
You will not get the speed that's shown, that's the RAW speed of the channel, you should see about 1/4 in throughput.

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