AX88U has 2 problems: USB and OpenVPN

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Hello everybody,

I have an AX88U (new) but had other ASUS with Merlin always with the same 2 problems.

Sorry for the bad English I use a translator.

Problem 1: If I connect a hard drive to one of the USB ports, the free RAM drops to 30MB and does not go back up again, only after a restart or if I delete the copied file. (The picture shows the normal state)

Problem 2: Regardless of which VPN provider I use and only with OpenVPN, I always get “AEAD Decrypt error: bad packet ID” displayed in the system log when I download downloads, and that a lot.

Have already tried different firmware versions without success, even factory reset and everything new did not bring anything.

Why is it like that and what can I do about it.



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Welcome to the forums @Funnyland123.

The RAM issue you state is normal for the use you're putting the router in.

The VPN issue you state hasn't been repeated here that I can remember.

Does it cause actual problems or is it just you not understanding the logs?

If it is causing problems, see if the link below helps put your router back to a good/known state.

Best Practice Update/Setup Router/AiMesh Node(s) 2021


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Hello and thanks for the quick reply,

Okay, so it's normal with the USB hard drive, but weird that it doesn't go back to its original position.

How do I reset the router, I know everything and I also understand the protocol. The topic has already been discussed here a few times when I look in the search function. I just can't really find a solution.

No matter which firmware is used or which Asus router comes this error, at least I noticed that with me.

I'll attach the current syslog to this message.


  • syslog(1).txt
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Hello, please don't get it wrong, but it's not about USB I have a problem with the VPN as the SYSlog shows. I need help on how to get rid of the "Ahead Decrypt error" problem.

Or do I understand something wrong?

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