AX88U loses just the 2.4GHz Wi-Fi between 4am & 9am

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AX88U running ASUS Merlin 384.19 keeps losing the Wi-Fi regularly between around 4am & 9am.

I either have to reboot the router or use the Wi-Fi button to turn off Wi-Fi then press again to turn it back on.

Doing either of the above restores the 2.4GHz wireless network until it occurs again, either fairly quickly afterwards or around 4am the next day.

Been happening for the pass few days and does not affect the 5GHz wireless network.

I only know when it's happen as all my 2.4GHz devices will report no network or lost connection.

Router GUI will show no devices connected on 2.4GHz network when it's gone down.

Whilst typing this, it has occurred again.

I live in a ground floor flat with one flat above me.
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I had been suffering similar with 384.19 and also the early 386 Alpha builds, but in my case the latest GPL from Asus which was merged into the most recent builds seems to have fixed it. I am currently running Merlin's 386.1 Beta 1 and 2.4Ghz seems stable for me.

It requires a factory reset when you upgrade and depending on your appetite for Beta code you might choose to wait for the stable release version.


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I've setup a script to automatically reboot my router at 09:15, which should then give a stable 2.4GHz Wi-Fi for the rest of the day (until around 4am at least).

This is a temporary measure until the 386 build goes stable, then I'll flash to 386, factory reset router, then reconfigure everything and reinstall the scripts I have.

Shame I can't find a way to automatically reboot the router if the 2.4GHz Wi-Fi goes down, as technically the router says it's still up, just that no 2.4GHz devices can connect or lose their connection during the 4am to 9am time period.


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I've upgraded from 384.19 to 386.1 Beta 1.

Will monitor to see if issue reoccurs.

If I get any ideas then I'll factory reset the router and then set it up afresh.


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I was having this issue for a few weeks on my AC88U and it was driving me crazy until I found this thread. I updated to 386.1 Beta 1 2 days ago and haven't seen the 2.4ghz drop since, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed!


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Since upgrading to 386.1 Beta 1 and now Beta 2, this issue has now been resolved and the router is operating correctly again :)

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