AX88U Mesh Network

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I need some help... I have an AX88U as my router and AC68U as a mesh node. Prior to upgrading to Merlin 386.1, everything worked ok. Now, I am having major connectivity issues through the mesh node- I have regular internet dropouts and trouble connecting to other devices in the network, but only through the mesh node. Examples:
- When I log into the router's GUI directly through the main router, everything is great. When I connect via the mesh node, I have regular time outs or the GUI only partially loads.
- When my PC is connected to the mesh node, i am unable to see my Raspberry Pi, which is hard wired to the router. When connected anywhere else in the network, I see the Pi just fine.
- I regularly see streaming services drop when behind the mesh node, but not when connected to the router.

Already tried the following:
- I factory reset everything and rebuild the network with no luck.
- Tried turning various settings on and off... Firewall, AiProtect, etc. with no luck
- I converted the mesh backhaul to ethernet with no luck. Ethernet backhaul is now my baseline config. The GUI always shows the connectivity as great at 1Gbps.
- I replaced the mesh node with a simple switch and saw none of the above issues- able to see the GUI, Pi, and streaming was solid.
- I replaced the mesh node with another identical device and saw the exact same issues.

Conclusions- wiring is fine. Main router (hardware wise is fine). Mesh network settings or baseline config have issues. Any thoughts on what to try next would be greatly appreciated. I prefer to not move back to an old firmware version, but will if I have to.

Thank you!


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I too experienced various wifi issues after updating to 386.1. The clients did not roam very well and the AiMesh node never had more than 3 wifi clients out of 37 connected even though the clients were close. The roam assist did not work good at all. Yes, I did a hard reset on both units after updating to 386.1. I went back to 384.19 and everything is back to working as expected. For my network setup, 384.19 provides a very stable environment. I see no need to go to the 386 code.

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