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AX88U wan getting local ip

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I just got a new AX88U and when i tried to set it up the WAN keeps getting a local ip address. I have att fiber and the modem is in passthru mode.
My old AC86u get a wan ip from the fiber just fine.

I tried resetting the ax88 and setting it up as new as well as restoring a config frim from my ac86u and it happened both times.

Firmware is the latest.

Thanks for any help.


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Try powering down your modem/ONT for 10 minutes or more, be sure the RT-AX88U is connected, but off, then turn on the modem/ONT and let it fully boot up (around 5 minutes). Then turn on the RT-AX88U.


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Still having the same problem. I unplugged and reset multiple times and it still gets a local IP.

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