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Hi Guys,

So I am after a bit of help.

My Asus AX88U is generally speaking running well, I have a ton of IOT devices, iphones, etc connected via various 2.4/5Ghz hotspots, no problems, even my Nest Cameras are rock solid.

Where I am struggling is one specific issue with Nest, from my iPhone, on wifi, and only on wifi (2.4 or 5ghz) the Nest app I am using for playback/live views dumps the connection, and I have to sign in's pretty constantly annoying at dropping my connection to Nest.

This doesn't happen if I am vconnected via 4G.

So it's a strange one, and I haven't been able to Google an answer, as most such searches are about the devices dropping off the wifi networks, which mine don't theyre stable. It's a real strange one.

I am looking for suggestions as to how I can troubleshoot this issue, any tools I can use to monitor the connection? My suspicion is the ping goes too high and the app bins the connection out, but I can't confirm this.

My router is on Firmware Version: (yes, shoot me now!) - but I'm reluctant to upgrade as IOT devices are rock solid, and just about every firmware release thread seems to have comments about how this latest update killed their cameras etc. Plus my missus works from home so I can;'t afford to leave her without.

Another thing of note, that may be related is on wired computers that VPN into work networks, the Cisco AnyConnect VPN software pretty frequently "drops" and reconnects....this may be related to my Nest iPhone app wifi issues? It reconnects almost instantly, but the popups are annoying.

Is there something funny going on in the router? If I did take a punt on a firmware update, is there any concensus on Merlin/AsusWRT?



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OK, you will get shot! Conventional wisdom is to upgrade to fix security issues and a lot have been fixed! The new features, DoT and DNS Filter, are also great!

Save a copy of your settings (you do know how to save them?). Make sure you have a copy of the Asus firmware you use. Then upgrade the firmware. As Asus has firmwares on the Global site before yours you should be safe. Making the big jump to Version should not be a problem and would not require a Factory Reset. Do incremental upgrades if it would make you feel better.


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