AX89X/AX88U AIMesh Link Aggregation ethernet backhaul or just AP?

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According to this documentation

AIMesh works only if they are connected to each other? (WAN port to LAN)

I have a few questions for current AIMesh users.

1) Am I only ALLOWED to use the ethernet backhaul from router node to another node? or can it go to a switch?
2) In AIMesh node mode, can you still enable Link Aggregation with the WAN + Port 4? and LAN 1 + LAN 2

My new house wiring plan will be AX89X as the main router and having 2x AX88U. I want enable link aggregation on the AX88U.

I never used AIMesh and my previous house I have just been using AP mode. I use LAN aggregation to my managed switches

But with my new place I want to try the mesh without devices dropping then reconnect.

Some of you will probably ask why you need to have a 2x 1Gbit backhaul. I have a few AX devices and my whole house is wired with fibre in each room as well as CAT7 (yes both). I am just future proofing

Anyway, if I can get this answered then I can plan AP mode or AIMesh mode.


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Anyway, if I can get this answered then I can plan AP mode or AIMesh mode.
I would plan for both. Then prove it starting with the one you prefer.


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