AX92u in bridge mode drops wifi connection & doesn't reconnect

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New Around Here
Hi folks, this is my first time setting up a router/network so I'm sorry in advance for any stupid questions.

What I'm trying to do is use my two phones' (mine & wife's) hotspots as my whole home's internet source. We used to connect everything directly but its a hassle when something is connected to one phone and that person leaves. We have to reestablish a connection to the other phone, often for multiple devices several times a day.

So I figured if I fed both hotspots into a dual-wan router I could have everything in the house connect to the router, (either by Ethernet, or wifi.) When one of us leaves the house the router fails-over to the other hotspot, and none of the clients know the difference.

My setup:
I have 3 ax92u routers. One is the router, the other two are in media bridge mode. One of the bridges connects to my wife's hotspot, the other to mine. The bridges then feed the router in dual wan mode. And it works, until it doesn't.

My problem:
Sometimes a bridge will lose its connection to the hotspot. I'm not sure if the phone senses an idle connection and stealth disconnects, or the bridge does it, or what. But even when I reset the phone's hotspot the bridge won't reconnect unless I reboot it, sometimes more than once and it takes a long time. Is there anything I can do to improve this situation?

Thanks in advance!

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