Axe11000 and Ax11000 AiMesh not finding devices in Merlin 386.7.2


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The system log is flooded with new errors, AI mesh can not be added, and half my devices are unable to connect since this version of Merlin. Any help is appreciated!


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Going to Asus firmware is always an option. A good option, too.


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when upgrading from 386.7 to 386_7.2, one of my AiMesh node was connecting with a wrong ip address (despite being defined correctly in DHCP as manual assignement) and could not be detected by the main. I simply brought it back near the main, connected its WAN port to a LAN port of the main and issue a reset ; I then added it back from the main and everything came back as before with a few exceptions (needed to change a few nvaram variable (to be able to run user scrpit, change LAN name etc ...))

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