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AXE16000 UI getting stuck

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I recently got AXE16000 router and updated to AsusMerlin 388.1 but i seem to have some issue

Every now and again the UI becomes unresponsive and unable to get in the admin ui. It happened again and i've check the log when it got stuck and noticed this:
Mar 22 17:34:17 GT-AXE16000-41D8-7F5D25C-C HTTPD: waitting 10 minitues and restart
Mar 22 17:34:17 GT-AXE16000-41D8-7F5D25C-C rc_service: httpd 2569:notify_rc restart_httpd
Mar 22 17:34:17 GT-AXE16000-41D8-7F5D25C-C custom_script: Running /jffs/scripts/service-event (args: restart httpd)
Mar 22 17:34:17 GT-AXE16000-41D8-7F5D25C-C GT-AXE16000: start httpd:80
When it gets stuck, i'm either looking at Web History or Traffic Analyzer, a reboot of the router fixes the issue and i can view Web History and Traffic Analyzer for a couple of days until it gets stuck again.

I understand that may be an issue as closed source code by Trend Micro therefore not a lot Merlin can do, but wanted to know if anyone else is experiencing this issue?
Yes, I've seen it a couple of time on my AX86S since installing 388.2_beta1
I see the same entries in the log file.

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