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Brad Isaac

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Hi all. I see alot of posts about backhaul here and could use some clarity. As I understand it, I can go with Wired ethernet backhaul, or Wifi backhaul. At my house I cannot do an ethernet backhaul at this time.

What I want to know is to what degree the wireless backhaul can be configured on an RT-AC68U? Some posters seem to imply they are doing deep configuration on it. Is it just automatic when you set up AIMesh or is there more to it? I can't seem to find any config options for backhaul in the settings.



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If you turn on AiMesh, it takes control. Which posts show this being configurable?


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You can set priorities: wired or wireless or auto.
You can't choose you want a wireless backhaul on that band or on that radio. Asus tried something in the current firmware for 3 bands models. But it wasn't smart at all and it causes more headaches and benefits.

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