Backup Config / Push updates by command line

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New Around Here
Hello All - New to the Forum, ASUSWRT-Merlin user for a few years now, big fan.
Trying to simplify my life managing the house network with some automation.
My Gear: AX88U primary/(2)AC68U's as AP's, all connected by ethernet. Just updated to latest 386.1 firmware :-D Supported also by Pihole.

Is there a way to backup a router's config and update firmware by command line? I'm open to using ssh, pulling the file from a USB stick, etc. I've toyed with the router command line a little but does not seem to have the commands available to do this. Happy to figure out a shell script if I know the 'backup' and 'firmware update' commands. Is this doable? What am I missing?
I'd love to deploy updates overnight so I minimize effort on my part and downtime for the family all working from home.

Thanks in advance for all your thoughts/advice.



New Around Here
After much searching I found an answer. Not what I wanted to hear but understandable for auto updates. I totally get that.

My kind request still stands, as I'd like to be able to periodically pull a settings backup automatically. I have 3 routers (1 main (AX88), 2 AP's (AC68u)), and anything that makes life easier while balancing safety of a not-crashed network

Great forum! Jman


Part of the Furniture
To automatically dump my configuration settings once a week I've added this line to my /jffs/scripts/services-start script.
/usr/sbin/cru a NVRAM "00 7 * * 0 nvram save /jffs/nvram.cfg"
If you have an attached USB drive you could dump it there instead of /jffs.

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