Backup options for 4 iPhones, 3 Windows PCs, 3 Macs


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I have about 2 TB of data in the devices mentioned in the heading. I need a good backup option for this data. I did consider cloud and some of the pictures, etc are saved off in the cloud but not all of it.

Sorry for the total newbie question but what are my options to backup the existing data and also backup all the devices say Monthly.

I have looked at individual drives but the family will neglect to backup every month. Is there an easier option(s). I am open to building a PC or NAS as needed.



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How fast is your Internet upload speed?

For my iPhone, I use iCloud for pictures and videos. My significant other uses Amazon for her Android phone to backup her pictures and videos. For the majority of my content, I backup to my local NAS, which is basically a shared drive. My upload speed at 10 Mbps is a joke to upload a lot of content quickly, and I'm capped at 1 TB a month for my service, which is also restrictive. I'd love to use a cloud backup, but it's challenging. The fastest I can get is 30 Mbps.

Here are some ideas:

Use restic. I find it's simple enough to setup on bsd/linux boxes. But it's not so straight forward on windows. For windows, you can't get any more simple than One Drive.

Another option for backing up is to use One Drive with MS Office. This is still backup to the cloud, so your Internet speeds will matter.
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My upload speed is about the same as yours ~ 10mbps at best. Will look into Thank you

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