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Badu Networks Announces Wi-Fi Bandwidth Booster

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Julio Urquidi

News Editor
WarpGateway is a TCP acceleration proxy appliance that sits between an internet modem and wireless router.

Badu claims the appliance's patent-pending proprietary WarpTCP rate and timing control algorithms can improve wireless upload/download speeds by up to 100%, increase range and coverage, and help device battery life by reducing the amount of radio usage on client devices.

The plug-and-playable WarpGateway appliance will eventually be available in three different small form factor-sized flavors, all configurable using Badu’s WarpAdmin management tool:
  • WG-100M, 100 Mbps throughput - available now through Amazon, $1200
  • WG-100V, 100Mbps throughput and VLAN support – available now, $1500
  • WG-100VB 100Mbps throughput, VLAN support, Failover/Bypass, TBD

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