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Is there anyway to have bandwidth limiter ON, while still being able to prioritise cetain packets AND devices?

I believe prioritsation only works with traditional and the other QoS but not bandwidth limiting?

I was wondering if i could somehow have both modes enabled or something?

I provide just enough bandwidth to my heavy bandwidth clients such as 4K TV, but i want to full priority of packets to my gaming laptop



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What are your ISP speeds? What router/firmware do you have?

Have you tried FlexQos and/or CakeQOS?


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With the ISP and router you have, both those options should be able to give you what you need.

Just don't get stuck on doing it how you think it should be done (test both, use what works best for you).


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I need some further advice about QoS as well, so I hope it's alright to add it to this thread.

I have a Synology Diskstation which I use to store probably 90%+ of my data. Normally, an automatic backup to the cloud runs during the small hours by means of an iDrive app to the iDrive servers. Since I had made quite a few changes to some of my data today, I decided to run a manual backup as well. However, despite QoS being active (in this instance, I was trialling FlexQoS), the Diskstation backup grabbed more or less all my upload bandwidth. I only noticed when I was on the phone to a company support centre and they asked me to go to their web site, which took about 20 seconds to load each page. Then I tried to use my Amazon Fire TV, but that said there was no Internet connection (it was still reporting a strong Wi-Fi connection, so I'm guessing that it "thought" there was no Internet connection because data transfer speeds had dropped to a very low level).

So my question is - is there a way to set up QoS to try to smooth things out a bit better and which type of QoS would be likely to give the best results for this scenario? My download speeds are around 58-60 and upload is usually a tad below 15. Incidentally, spdMerlin was still showing the normal speed test results during this time. I did try to run a manual speed test on the Ookla website, but it wouldn't even load.


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How have you set up FlexQoS then?


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I just left the default settings in FlexQos and changed the Learn from Home to lowest priority. I've temporarily uninstalled it to try the standard adaptive QoS. I've restarted the Diskstation upload and I'm currently watching a streaming documentary using BBC iPlayer on my Fire TV and everything seems to be working fine at the moment, but no idea why it's working now when it wasn't this afternoon. Here's a snapshot from the router's GUI.
Screenshot - 04_09_2020 , 20_14_20.jpg

I've set the upload speed to 13 and the download to 55.

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