Basic OpenVPN VPN Director Question


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I'll apologize in advance for my general router/networking ignorance and what most of you will consider to be dumb question(s). With that said, can someone tell me what policy or policies I would need to set in VPN Director to route all traffic through the VPN tunnel? I'm using NordVPN and typically have all 5 clients set to different NordVPN servers so I can quickly move to another when one or more of the streaming services start blocking the server I'm currently using. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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New Around Here
Not really, but I'll take a stab. If I enable these policy rules (see screen capture), will all traffic be routed through the tunnel of the connected client, e.g., if OVPN3 client was connected? Or do I change the Remote IP to the NordVPN DNS ( that are in on the WAN page? Or am I missing the point altogether?


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