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Hi All, I"m new to the forum.
I'm looking for suggestions on what ASUS MESH Router I should purchase. I live on a small hobby farm and want to extend my wireless network out to the barn and thought that MESH has evolved enough now so, I'm looking to replace my current RT-AC68U with something more powerful to extend the network to the barn and beyond if possible. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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How far away is the barn, and what is its construction?

I'm running high-gain directional antennas on a pair of RT68s to connect building 150’ apart with 200Mbps / -52dBm on 5GHz. No mesh, set up as router and repeater.


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I don't know how far the buildings are, but I would start from 2x RT-AX86S up depending on the budget. Ethernet backhaul is best, if possible.


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Depending on what you want the wifi for in the barn, your build may vary. Most reliable solution is to run a LAN cable if possible.

Close enough - Aimesh. Too far, see below.

I have this build, it works, though very suboptimal given encumbrances of where I was able to put the router and antenna. That said, it is mess, but works.

--A--LAN--B ))) air link ((( C--LAN--D ))) wifi to barn.

A = Your main router
B = router in access point mode with 3 directional antenna (*
C = router in media bridge mode with 3 directional antenna
D = router in access point mode in the barn

- you may plug a LAN cable into either C or D for a 'wired' connection.

(My routers B are inside behind a wall and C inside behind a window. I did leave my router B outside for a Canadian winter, it survived and still works - moved into a heated space now)

Of note, they antenna need to be aimed towards each other. Perhaps more important, manually check each channel to see which will provide the best speed. I recently read that, and did that, my speeds are 2x what they were.

Depending on distance 2.4 GHz may give you a more reliable, if slower, connection. Try both frequencies.

Rethinking my air link, will post if the next iteration works.

Limitations: more than listed here.
- With this setup, Aimesh will not work to barn.
- Guest network will not extend to barn.
- Guest network setup on D will not isolate that traffic from your home network.

Good luck, fun sounding project.

*No conflict of interest, used these, they worked. Tried other, they didn't.
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