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Best Hardware Configuration Setup 1618+


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I got a good deal on the 1618+and it will be arriving tomorrow, and I would like to know what is the best setup to get the most performance out of it. It will for home use. It will be used to backup four computers, used as a Plex server for music and movies, some of the home movies will be in 4K but stream to the 65 inch TV. I know there will be no hardware transcodeing available. I will also be running VM'S two VM'S and maybe two Containers not at the same time. For Hardware I will install four 6TB hard drives I have a 10 GBe PCI card that I will install and I have a 10 GBe switch which it will be connected to, and my main computer has a 10Gbe card install in it. This will give me video and photo editing options. I also have available two 2.5 500GB SSD I can use for caching. If I add the SSD'S should I do read-only or read-write?


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