Best media bridge or ethernet-to-wifi adapter?


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I've got a couple of ethernet-only printers to connect to my network. They are not close to any wired jack, nor does it seem worth the trouble to run a cable to where they are. I'd been using a spare wireless router to connect them, but I've retired that gear and don't want to un-retire it. I experimented with a powerline bridge but am less than satisfied with the results, so I'm looking for some more-modern wireless solution.

I know that I could run an ASUS router in media bridge mode and it would do what I need here, but that's overkill from a cost and complexity (= bugs) standpoint. I've lost faith in ASUS' ability to ship non-buggy firmware, so buying more of their gear is not really what I want to do. Does anyone know of recommendable gear that's designed strictly as a media bridge? I browsed Amazon for a bit but what I found was (a) pretty obsolete gear, 802.11n or below, and (b) brands I'd never heard of.

Another approach could be single-client WiFi-to-ethernet adapters, but what I found in that search suffered from (a) and (b), as well as (c) dubious configuration options. I don't use WPS and I don't plan to start here, so there has to be some other way to set up the unit's WiFi configuration.

Any recommendations gratefully accepted.


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Unretire what you have and know what works.

Otherwise, use the cheapest router you can find at a garage sale that has media bridge mode available.

And Ethernet to WiFi adaptor? A, B, C.


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Dedicated Wi-Fi media bridges' time has come and gone. If you don't want to use a router in bridge mode, look at Wi-Fi extenders. Most have an Ethernet port to bridge Ethernet devices.

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