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Best partner for Asus 5300 for AI mesh....

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hey guys. I already have a 5300, had it for about 2/3 years and not had any issues with it. I would say I get 90/95% coverage in my house but when my older daughter stays she says she struggles in the back bedroom (younger daughter in same room never complains, both have iPhones)

Tried using the asus wireless repeater but not liking it really. Looking to move to AI mesh, what’s best way to do this get 2 5300 or is there a better router now (not bothered about the rapture) not wanting to spend £370 if the normal/ 2nd had 5300 will do the same job. Or any better combination for the same money? I don’t use WRT that much so would be happy to go back to asus firmware If needed.

Thanks in advance.
A simple RT-AC66U_B1 for your node should be sufficient, especially if you are only going to service mobile devices.
I’m sure as the kids get older there will be more devices. We have a smart tv up stairs and 2 android boxes.
But none of these are as intensive as if you had a NAS or a computer accessing that NAS.

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