best place to buy refurbished/used routers on the cheap?

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I'm looking to expand my network by bridging, and am specifically looking for two ASUS RT-AC models (other than the 1200).

I know there is a classifieds thread, but are there other sites that do, either specific to networking or tech in general, with a high volume and reliable sellers? Or should I just keep monitoring SlickDeals and NewEgg and Amazon, etc.?

Also, what (if any) stores other than Amazon give like a 30 day guarantee and/or no restocking fees? NewEgg and Fry's both are pretty sketchy that way.

Thank you :)


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I would be looking only for refurbs done by the same company that manufactured the router. I do know that Newegg, Amazon, and Fry's are places that sell manufacturer's refurbs, but you gotta be sure that's what you're getting. And yes, looking at the return policy for them is also a really good idea before buying. Most reputable places where I would buy stuff on the internet have written return policies for both refurb and open box as well. All that's available at the web sites.


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Why not Amazon? The main downside is you pay return shipping, which you have to do for any online retailer. Can't beat the 30 day return policy. I buy refurbs all the time from them.


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Indeed, Amazon is simply the best 30 day return policy at zero costs.


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Some vendors;

Linksys has a great refurb store... at least they're pretty direct about it...

Apple does as well... they hide it a bit, but dig around the site, there's some gems...

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