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Best powerline Ethernet adapters tested?

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I've used D-Link DHP-308AV in the past, they worked okay in a small apartment, especially for the price. But, they're not working well at a house with a shed, the shed power goes to the house breaker panel, but the link quality is quite poor. The shed underground power line (inside conduit) is about 30 feet long. This is a 120V US power circuit.

Mesh repeater reliability has been even worse, possibly due to the foil insulation of the shed.

Are there any published comparisons of powerline Ethernet adapters with tests? Anyone with experience here?


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Are there any published comparisons of powerline Ethernet adapters with tests? Anyone with experience here?

Powerline adapters are covered in the sister forum "MoCA, HomePlug, HPNA".

As a single data point, my own experience is that TP-Link AV2000 units work a lot better than Zyxel G.hn units on a sub-par circuit. Can't say if that's down to the manufacturers or the networking standards, as I have no other comparison points. But you can read more over there.


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if there is an arc fault type breaker in the transmission path, no powerline may work well, if at all.


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Powerline/HomePlug products are pretty much a dead category for the U.S. market. They can be helpful when WiFi won't work, but they have their own set of problems.

You can find reviews here, but they are old. https://www.smallnetbuilder.com/lanwan/lanwan-reviews/

Other helpful articles:


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Kind of disappointing if that is true, I rather like the concept of the technology. I have a much worse experience with wireless devices.


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Their stability is largerly related to complexity or your home installation. The more sockets, light switches or spIits between both adapters, the more unstable the connection becomes. I have a pair of Asus powerline adapters. I used them for a while but quickly found out that it is not a robust solution. Once in a while they just stopped working and unplugging/replugging them into the socket was the only solution. Now i use them occasionally if i want to connect directly to the ISP router for some firewall testing or so. I have heard that Devolo remains the best brand.

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