Best Practice for Setting Up a New Asus Router?


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I'd like to set up a new router as securely as possible. For networks with one router already set up, I've seen it recommended to do as much configuration as possible offline, and then connect the new router into the old via LAN port for the remainder of the setup. This approach makes sense as all traffic from the new router will be forced through a secure setup until it is ready to be put into action. However, I would like to do as much setup offline as possible.

In terms of actually carrying out such a setup, I could use some advice. For the last Asus router I set up, I became lost quickly at setup when I tried to get past the initial setup prompts offline. [1] Can someone advise on what settings to use during an offline setup to get past the initial manual setup questions?

After I have access to the main router settings page, I will be making a few basic security-oriented changes and setting up a VPN client before the router will be put into action. It is important in my case to have such a configuration ready to go prior to putting the router into network use. [2] Any best-practice advice along these lines would be much appreciated.


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I've always just downloaded the newest firmware before, then powered it up without connecting it to the internet. Update firmware manually, turned on AI protection, and made sure all 15 safety checks are toggled for all to be Green, manual dns, turn off smart connect and some other subtle things. Shut it down, plug in ethernet cable, boot up and good to go. May have missed something here, but that's about what I do.

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