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What's the physically smallest router with good coverage and that can run asuswrt-merlin? I have an AC88U at home (soon to be replaced with an AX86U) which is still amazing, but very large. I'm looking for something that I can easily throw in a suitcase for family trips. It doesn't need to have any gaming features since it'll mostly be used for streaming video and will often be double-NATed on a spotty hotel connection. WiFi 6 would be nice but again, this is generally going to be backed by terrible hotel connections.


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No small Asus models and no WISP mode in Asuswrt (Merlin).
This is what you are looking for, one of the popular travel routers:



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The RT-AX56U is fairly compact compared to the 88s and runs Merlin, but as Tech9 says no WISP mode and not as compact as gl-inet products. I've seen them for a while but never tried one.


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Mango for a hotel room, Beryl for an AirBnB.


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..or the GL inet USB150. When inserted into a Windows or Linux computer it boots to Linux then registers itself to the host (your client’s) computer as a USB Ethernet device. Or tether it, use as a repeater. $20 at Amazon, until they see everyone clicking on it.

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