Best way to diagnose intermittent internet problems?

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For a while now, I have been having problems with losing internet connectivity, usually at least once every week or so and I was wondering what would be the best way to investigate the issue. I have tried different routers and FTTC modems (I'm currently using a DrayTek Vigor 130 connected to an ASUS RT-AX88U running the latest stable Merlin firmware).

As an example, this morning web pages wouldn't load, so I fired up Multiping (from Pingman Tools) and that seemed to show everything running normally (see uploaded image). The red area is when I was rebooting the router and modem (not sure if I needed to do both as sometimes just rebooting the router solves the problem, but I was in a hurry to connect to my employer's VPN to start work). Any suggestions?
Screenshot - 31_12_2019 , 18_15_43.png


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If ping to IPv4 addresses is working but webpages are not it sounds like a DNS issue.
Maybe set up a period test ping (or have multi ping) test using domain/host names rather than IP’s as a starting point.

If it is DNS then tools like nslookup and testing resolution on a client and directly on the router would be the starting point.

Could try simply using public DNS servers rather than your ISP as well.
Are you running any tools that use DNS (like parental control software) that may be causing the issue?

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Setup your PC connect directly to the DrayTek modem and do a continuous ping to both the public IP (ie. Google DNS) and Draytek LAN interface IP. If the Google DNS failed to ping while Draytek is fine, it means your ISP or connection between your FTTC / Draytek has issue. If it fails on both, need to check the Draytek modem part to see if there's any error logged. If both are fine, maybe the problem lies on the AX88U somewhere.

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