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Best wireless router + vpn + nas (usb)?

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I'm looking for the best router I can find that can do, in order of importance:

  • Wireless AP - 10-15 concurrent clients, small office
  • VPN - Native vpn server to support 2+ clients at a time
  • NAS - USB based HD attached to share files witha ll clients (LAN + VPN)

My budget is in the $100-$300 and it could go even higher if I can make a case for it. Any recomendations?

Thanks in advance.
My advice is to separate out the requirements, especially for networked storage and go with an SSL VPN unless you must have IPsec. The Cisco RVL200 would be one to look at.

Unless you are ok with 3 - 5 MB/s NAS transfer rate, use a separate NAS.

What are the 10-15 wireless clients doing? If email and browsing, you'll probably be ok with 802.11g wireless and can use most any 11g router converted to an AP.
The NAS would be a good to have and 3-5MB/s would be fine. We are looking for the one router if at all possible to remove hops and to make things cheaper/easier to setup. the first priority is to upgrade our old WRT54GL and get better throughput. And you are right, SSL VPN should be easier. It seems to me that having the router do the VPN serving would be easier and cheaper for us.

The latest routers I've been looking at are the NETGEAR SRXN3205 and FVG318 and the D-Link DGL-4500 (no native vpn but good wireless?). Anybody using the SRXN3205 or FVG318? Can't find much about the SRXN3205 but the FVG318 seems to have some bad reviews around.

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