Better wifi than WNR3500L


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FYI - 802.1Q and VLANs are one-in-the-same. You only need to refer to one or the other.

And yes, Ubiquiti EdgeOS (a fork of Vyatta) supports VLANs natively, on all hardware.


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I had thought of using the Ubiquiti ER-X but have never personally used it. Was wondering if it is capable of supporting vlans and 802.1Q since there are two vlans being utilized on dd-wrt in this particular instance.

If you are comfortable with SMB why not managed PoE switch with PoE APs? Router of your choice.


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You probably manage yourself your network, @PcGuy. What @Trip is suggesting is the way to go. I wasn't comfortable to offer such solution. You may need time or pro services to set it up. I just mentioned SMB above to see what the reaction is going to be. :)

Another suggestion, quick and easy:
- use the router for WAN to LAN traffic only, should be good to about 100Mbps
- if you need VLANs, get a managed switch, create VLANs there
- if you don't need VLANs, get a dumb switch for $20
- connect LAN devices and AP to the switch, Gigabit WLAN to LAN traffic

Going to let the dust settle on this current configuration and see what the customer says. It seems that TP-Link on the existing WNR3500L may be fine for this particular case as its less disruptive and the number of employees using it is small 6 or so. The router and cable modem are located in a mezzanine office with the usage occurring downstairs.

Really appreciate your and Trip's quick input and suggestions.

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