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Hello members of this forum my name is Peter.
As we know many devices these days have both an ethernet and a wifi interface present.
Could it be possible to allow DHCP reservation using one IP with multiple MACs?.
It would only allow one connection at any given time of course.

If the device has been given an IP using wifi and user plugs in ethernet then router will
drop wifi and reconnect using ethernet instead.

If the device has been given an IP using ethernet and user switches on wifi then router will
ignore/reject wifi and keep ethernet connection.

We can have a small switch for the devices in the DHCP server menu to allow which
type ethernet/wifi takes precedence over the other.

Since we have a wireless MAC filter which can be very useful indeed, for completions sake,
it would be nice with an ethernet MAC filter too.

Kindly Peter


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DNSMasq already supports the ability to have multiple MAC addresses assignable to the same IP, specifically using the dhcp-host directive. I've been using it for years. However, most GUIs don't support it directly (FreshTomato being an exception). So you have to configure the dhcp-host directive yourself.


Note: hostname and lease time are optional.

This could be added to DNSMasq w/ a postconf file, specifically /jffs/configs/dnsmasq.conf.add.
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Thanks man will look into DNSMasq, I have recently installed this firmware so..
Good there is an alternate way to fix this.
Thanks again eibgrad.


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Note that with the dnsmasq solution, it's up to the host (or you manually) to make sure that both interfaces/macs aren't enabled at the same time.

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