Skynet Blocking countries and gaming?

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If I blocked Ukraine as a country in skynet , would it mean a Ukraine overwatch player would not be able to join my game, I assume it would be ok as they connect from a server in France?

Assume they would be ok on discord as well as the discord servers are not in the Ukraine?

Just asking as you know what they say about assumption... It's the mother of all f... ups


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I don't know about your direct question, but blocking countries is a 'power' not to be played with lightly. My advice? Let Skynet do its job without second-guessing it. :)

(If you're 'attacked' from any country, Skynet will auto block them...).


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Somewhat similar question - I can't seem to manage configuring Skynet so that:
1. - have a ban on a specific country
2. - whitelist one single domain/IP from that country (while having everything else banned)

Tried to include the desired site both on the Whitelist an the Unban/Domain lists, still can't access it unless I unban the entire country (which I don't want to do). Any creatve sugestions?

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