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I'm guessing that there's no Asuswrt-Merlin support for the Blue Cave since it's not specifically listed (even though I'm hoping one of the other versions might work). If not, are there any other alternative firmware options?

Thanks in advance.


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No Merlin support. Unlikely there ever will be as the Blue Cave is a completely different architecture based on Intel chips, rather than the Broadcom devices Merlin supports.


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Hello gwopman, I'm interested in knowing if your version installed from source https://github.com/MerlinRdev/bluecave-merlin is identical to asuswrt Merlin, because I installed the latest version since github (5.1.0), everything is fine, the blue cave restarts with this version 5.1.0 but I do not get the interface of asuswrt Merlin, I have no new additional options. An opinion ?

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