Boot issue on HP Gen 8 Microserver


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Since increasing the memory on an HP Gen 8 Microserver from 4Gb to 8Gb the micro-server refused to boot from the sdcard which had previously worked.

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I found a workaround to reinsert the sdcard whilst the machine is on and then it is recognised and will boot up. However if I unplug the server from the mains it won't recognise the card.

Has anyone experienced anything similar and/or found a proper fix?


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I've spent some time on this trying to work out what was going on.
I've found that the HP Gen 8 Microserver is very picky about devices it will boot off. For example it refuses to boot from Sandisk cruzer blade stick but will boot off a PNY USB stick.
After more playing around I found out that whilst it booted off the original SD card the Synology Assistant would not recognise the device anymore. This was very weird as I hadn't knowingly made any changes to the SD card.
The upshot was that I gave up on the SD card and am now using the PNY USB stick. I can turn off the mains and have it still boot up.


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You need to look in bios since you reset it with more memory. I don't know HP but the servers I worked with you needed bios set to boot from the controller card and the controller card set to boot.

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