Bricked Orbi RBR50 Help

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New Around Here
Hi There,

I'm one more victims of last Netgear silent upgrade.
I wanted to revert back to older firmware, and I started to see strange behaviours.
I may have interrupted the upgrade process at some point, but I'm not even sure I did.
Anyway, since my out of warranty orbi RBR50 is stuck at boot, I wen ahead and purchase a console cable as I could see that there are options from the console which may help.
Now I checked various parameters like the model and the board ID and model ID, but everything looks good.
I tried to upload a fresh firmware from there and everything went smooth, but still it refuses to boot properly saying that I have CRC errors when loading the kernel.

Shall I ask for your expertise, please ?
Attached is the console boot log

## Checking hash(es) for FIT Image at 84000000 …
   Hash(es) for Image 0 ([email protected]): crc32 error!
Bad hash value for ‘[email protected]’ hash node in ‘[email protected]’ image node
Bad hash in FIT image!
linux checksum error

## Checking Image at 8433ffc0 …
   Legacy image found
   Image Name:   ARM OpenWrt Linux-3.14.77
   Image Type:   ARM Linux Kernel Image (lzma compressed)
   Data Size:    43255808 Bytes = 41.3 MiB
   Load Address: 40908000
   Entry Point:  40908000
   Verifying Checksum …    Bad Data CRC
rootfs checksum error

## Booting kernel from FIT Image at 84000000 …
   Using ‘[email protected]’ configuration
   Trying ‘[email protected]’ kernel subimage
     Description:  ARM OpenWrt Linux-3.14.77
     Type:         Kernel Image
     Compression:  gzip compressed
     Data Start:   0x840000e4
     Data Size:    3056345 Bytes = 2.9 MiB
     Architecture: ARM
     OS:           Linux
     Load Address: 0x80208000
     Entry Point:  0x80208000
     Hash algo:    crc32
     Hash value:   ac0df93c
     Hash algo:    sha1
     Hash value:   3fa6b3cd9c765ae1a1711678a9acc214ce0c5252
   Verifying Hash Integrity … crc32 error!
Bad hash value for ‘[email protected]’ hash node in ‘[email protected]’ image node
Bad Data Hash
ERROR: can’t get kernel image!


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