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Brigding a ISP Modem in Asus RT-AX86U (Firmware:388.1)

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I need some help setting Asus Router correctly after I set the ISP modem in bridge mode.
Nothing works.

Tried to set ISP VLAN ID in the IPTV config.
DUAL WAN I set Lan Port 4
I set in internet configuration the password and MAC address of the ISP modem.
I restarted.

Nothing works.
Any ideas?

It would help if you stated which ISP service and make/model of modem you are using .
Your steps included rebooting the modem? Router?
If you just changed your ISP or the their router, did you release the WAN lease on the ASUS before swapping?
My experience is if the ISP router is correctly setup to bridge or passthrough mode, it should be transparent to the ASUS router. It is just like plugging into a modem. It can sometime take 15-20 minutes to re-establish WAN connection - get issued a new IP. And yes - reboot both after you reconfigure.

Beware there is a possible conflict with you LAN subnet, which required my changing the ISP router's IP to use a different subnet (this was easier than reconfiguring all my DHCP reservations to use a different subnet).

Obviously your mentioning dual wan and vlan means you aren't just working with a simple setup. If so, you really need to explain what you are trying to do.
Can't your ISP do it for you? I did that with them and it took them 5 minutes when I was on the phone.

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