Broadcom sale to Avago - let's assume no affect?


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I'd love to see a change in opensource drivers for Linux, or maybe datasheets/specs without so strict NDAs.


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The companies jointly announced they expect to save $750 million a year through “synergies” within 18 months of the deal’s closing."

e.g. Job Cuts... and this will hit home in SoCal, as many of those considered as "surplus" will be replaced by Engineers in China and India... dime on a dollar, and that will trickle down...

And without me getting too political... this goes to no good end... only people that may benefit are Shareholders along with the C-suite - the rank and file will, and always do, feel the real pain...

Personal Note - I was "surplused" back in Dec 2009 - dropped into the depths of the of the Global Recession, as the same time, the big players in the business were lobbying hard for an increase in H1B's... and wholesale players like WiPro, Aricent, Tata, etc... (all off-shore) were seeing an uplift in their P&L's, replacing American Engineers in the process...

I spent a year and a half in the 'wilderness' as an independent - had to scramble like hell to find business, but did ok.. and put a few out of work Americans back to work as 1099's...
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So yes, this is a hot-button issue for me...

I do look back at that stretch - we were Ameri-CAN do folks... and all eventually landed well.

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